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Welcome to the Greenwich photo history Wiki

This site is for collecting interesting photos of the buildings in and around Greenwich (it's focused mainly on central Greenwich but stretches in to bits of Deptford).  It's called a Wiki as anyone can contribute, either by uploading new photos, editing/improving existing information or making comments.  The purpose of the site is to provide a photo history of how the streets in Greenwich have changed over the years. The best pictures are the ones that show what existed in the past. For example the four shots below show: the north side of Gloucester Circus (pre War); the railway line where the Ibis Hotel now stands (1960s); the battered Ashburnham Terrace - now Ada Kennedy Court (post bomb or during demolition); and, the Old East Greenwich Hospital5 (now being redeveloped).


This Wiki consists of a page for streets within Greenwich (not every street is shown).  Just click on a street (on the right hand side) and add your photo, comment or contribution. Click here for more tips or if you have further questions please email me.  The source of photos on this site are shown here.

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