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- you will need to register to add or edit content on the Wiki. It's a very simple process. Just click on the "Sign In" button at the bottom of the page.

- to edit or add new content to a page, click on a street on the right hand side and press the "edit" button. You'll be presented with an editor that looks as follows:



- Begin typing and don't forget to save! (save by clicking the button with a disk on it).

- to insert a photo use the button that has '2 small mountains and a sun on it'. (2nd row, 3rd from left).

- if you want help converting old photos then please drop me a line.

- to insert a link to another website click the button with a picture of a chain on it. (2nd row, 5th from left).

- if you think you've deleted something important that someone else has written then let me know. I will be able to restore it.

- please acknowledge the source of all facts & pictures by adding a reference in the "Acknowledgements" page. 

- you don't need to register to just post a comment. You can post a comment on this page or any of the pages shown on the right. 

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