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All the pictures on this Wiki are provided for local interest only. They cannot be re-used for commercial purposes i.e used on other websites or publications for the purposes of generating income. 

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1 - "Images of London GREENWICH by Barbara Ludlow" 1994
2 - A Greenwich Family (1906 - 1936) by Dianne Payne". Dianne is the grand daughter of Charles Harrison (profiled on the Greenwich South Street page) 
3 - Greenwich Heritage Centre (Woolwich). 
4 - Greenwich & Woolwich at Work by Mary Mills
5 - Adrian Spalding's collection (sourced from ebay - with permission given to display on this site)
6 - MS Virtual Earth
7 - Commentary provided by Pieter Van Der Merwe - National Maritime Museum
9 - Greenwich and Woolwich. In Old Photographs. Collected by K.D.Clark
10-Greenwich and Blackheath Past - Felix Barker
11-From londontramways.net - shows photos taken by A J Willis from 1949-1952 of the London tramway system
12-West Greenwich Library
13-Around Lewisham & Deptford - John Coulter
14-Greenwich-The Twentieth Century by Barbara Ludlow and Julian Watson

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