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Deptford Broadway and Creek

This 1st picture is a wonderful shot5 of Deptford Broadway taken in the 1960s. It's looking eastward with Deptford High Street on the left.  What's especially interesting is the spire on the building in the distance. You can also see it on a similar shot taken further down the road on Blackheath Road. In the 2nd earlier shot (click photo to see source), you can see that the spire is an integral part of the "Gardiner & Comp" building. This is where Lewisham College now stands. Gardiner and Comp was a huge drapery shop. The building was know as "The Scotch House". You can also see a factory building near the top of the shot. The 3rd shot13 is from 1923 and the 4th earlier13 still. Behind Scotch House you can see more of the factory buildings that ran along Deptford Creek. All of these warehouse buildings except Mumford Mill are now gone. 
The next series of shots show how Deptford Creek (on the Broadway end) once was. The first two aerial shots13 taken in 1923 show the cluster of warehouse buildings behind The Scotch House. You can see them in the top left of the first shot and in the middle of the second shot. In this 2nd shot you can see Greenwich High Road as far as the now "West Greenwich House" (very top left of shot).  The 3rd shot5 is Deptford Creek taken in the 1960s. The 4th is a picture13 of Deptford Bridge Mill in 1905. It stood just north of Deptford bridge until 1970 when it was destroyed by fire.  The final shot13 is from 1941 and shows part of Deptford Wharf (Dudman's Wharf) showing some on the war bomb damage.   

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