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This 1st picture (taken in the 1960s) comes courtesy of Adrian Spalding's collection.  It was taken outside the magistrates court, looking towards Blackheath Road's intersection with Greenwich High Rd. You can just see Mumford Mill on the top right of the picture. You can also make out "MBRRIT" on the warehouse looking building across the road and see a spire in the far distance in the middle of the picture - for a closer shot of this spire see the Deptford Broadway page. The 2nd shot is the modern equivalent (2008). The angle is not quite right. I suspect the road was narrower in the 1960s as it wasn't possible to get Mumford Mill in the shot without getting run down! The terrace in the distance remains the same less a chimney or two. That 1960s warehouse is now a flattened spot waiting to be redeveloped into one of two Deptford skyscrapers.    

I found this great shot of the "SOUTH EAST LONDON MERCURY. MERRITT & HATCHER Ltd." building. It came from Adrian Spalding's collection.  On the left you can see the terrace that exists today (housing the White Swan pub).  In the far distance you can see the last period building before Wickes.  You can also just make out the old school building on the right (the triangle roof section). 

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