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These pictures are of St Mary's church. It used to lie just to the left of the main gates to the park (by King William Walk). The 1st shot is an undated postcard. The 2nd from c1930. The 3rdwas taken in c1900. The last one is a lovely shot of the interior of St Mary's - taken in c1900.

Two war shots of the Observatory looking extremely war damaged. See the chap standing in the ruins in the 2nd shot. This is dated c1940s.

The 1st and 2nd pictures are of the Queen Elizabeth Oak in the centre of the park. The 2nd picture is from 1910 when the Oak only remained standing due to the foliage growing up it. The 3rd picture is from 1910. You can just make out the tea house at the top of the park.   The last picture is of the Boating Pond, Greenwich Park 1940.

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