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Views from Creek Rd / Roan Street 
These two excellent shots3 are views looking east wards from the Roan Street / Creek Road side of Greenwich.  You can see both Roan Street and Bardsley Rd in the right hand shot. You can also see the line of buildings running up Greenwich High Rd from the corner of Stockwell Street. (This is now Cafe Rouge, the Ibis and the Cinema).  The left hand shot you can see what was there before the DLR complex of buildings. 

View looking from the east of central Greenwich
The 1st shot3 is from 1906 and is of the centre of Greenwich. You can see the Queen's House (top left quarter of the photo, with Greenwich park to the left of it) and what is now the National Maritime Museum (to the right) but when it was the Royal Hospital School (to 1933). 7The ship in the photo is the last of three fully rigged waterline-only exercise ships which occupied that position from 1842-43 for the senior boys of the school to learn seamanship on before going into the Navy (as all did, or into the Marines). If the 1906 date is correct it suggests the ship was de-rigged (on safety grounds). The 2nd shot9 is a closer shot of Queen House with a rigged ship in the foreground- this was taken in c1900.

Pictures looking along Church Street
There are three fantastic sources of tram pictures of Greenwich. The first is Dewi William's excellent website (picture 2 below). The 2nd source is a site called londontramways.net - this shows photos taken by A J Willis from 1949-1952 of the London tramway system, and the third source is a book called "Greenwich and Dartford Tramways" by Robert J Harley. Also the Greenwich Heritage Centre (for the beautiful colour shot below). The buildings are looking particularly dilapidated in this shot. If you click on the large version you can see the detail. It was taken in 1949.  

Pictures looking along Church Street and up Nelson Road
The 1st and last shots are from Dewi William's website above. The 2nd9 is a war time picture. The 4th8 from Robert J Harley's book.

Picture looking down Nelson Rd towards Church Street c1935-37
The first two are the same picture, one colour, one black&white - taken around 1935. The 3rd a modern day (2008) equivalent. The 4th shot is from 1937 (I think). The 5th shot9 is from the c1930s - I think this is the left side of Nelson Rd between the intersections at Kind William Walk and Church Street.

Views looking towards the market
The two pictures are of Turpin Lane from 1910 and a view looking up to the market from Church Street (now Durnford Street).  Also taken c1910.

Pictures taken near where central Greenwich meets the Thames
The left hand picture is a beautiful shot of the Ship Hotel taken in 1908.  The 2nd shot is from 1937. The one storey building to the left of the building in the first shot has gone here.  The Ship Hotel was destroyed in 1940 during the 2nd World War. In the 2nd shot you can also just see the old terrace behind the hotel. You can see the first three houses in this terrace in more detail in the 3rd shot - again taken in 1937.  I think the 4th shot also shows the original buildings on the Cutty Sark site. 
The 5th shot5 shows the arrival of the Gipsy Moth IV - it was taken sometime after the death of Sir Francis Chichester in 1972 but before 1975 (the date when the Wheatsheaf pub changed its name to the Gipsy Moth to mark the arrival of the boat). If you click on the photo you can almost make out "Wheatsheaf - Double Diamond" on the now Gipsy Moth pub building. Double Diamond Original Burton Ale was obviously a choice tipple in the 1970s! The Gipsy Moth remained in Greenwich to 2003 until it was restored and then in 2006 sailed round the world to mark the 40th anniversary of Chichester's voyage. See the full history here. In the 6th shot (also in the Greenwich High Road page) you can just make out the two lines of buildings behind the place where the Ship Hotel stood. Perhaps then the 4th shot is the terrace behind the 3rd shot. 

On the Francisfrith website, you can see a collection of old photos of Greenwich. One of particular interest is a shot showing a building standing to the right of the dry docked Cutty Sark taken c1960. Take a look here. I'd be interested to find out what this building once was.
This shot is an undated picture of Greenwich beach. 

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